The brainchild of innovator Patricia Stephens, the award winning mookie and mookiemax represent beauty and practicality wrapped up in the finest of British manufacturing. Based on her own experiences, Patricia designed mookie and mookiemax to be the perfect pet grooming product.

With the cap removed it’s a brush, with bristles that are just the right hardness and shape for teasing out tangles and giving a soothing stroke. With the cap on, it's an ingenious massage tool which promotes relaxation and aids interaction and handling of first time or nervous pets.

The mookie and mookiemax are made from non-toxic materials and are available in a number of eye-catching colourways. All mookiepet products are packaged in an elegant box creating a truly perfect finish to a perfect product.

mookie and mookiemax make bonding with your pet that little bit more precious
Tracey-Louise Voss





gentle massaging helps ease those tired muscles after a walk


Easy to Use

Comfortable to hold, light and compact for even the longest pamper


Coat Care

the patented design will remove the downy undercoat from your pet allowing the skin to breath.



so kind and gentle that the mookie/mookiemax will sooth even the most nervous of pets